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l'arte d' arrangiarsi

I feel like I have been non stop since I got the HCH job… oh man finally had a few days off but literally cleaned the whole day yesterday and today I have been running around since 5am doing more chores! Not complaining at all, I really love my life and the way I spend my time. Sean gets off work early today so we will have some time to play outside and enjoy the sun.

If a nigga broke she lazy!

I have worked 23 hours in the last two days and have not had a day off since last week sometime.

New Bud tenor job is rad. Love it so much, it’s truly a family of friends and positive vibes all day long. So many thankful patients and smiles. I am learning so much and not just about weed but about how to treat illness with it! It’s an overwhelming amount of knowledge I am learning, my brain hurts.

Exhausted but Sean and I are lucky enough to go to an amazing music festival for threeee days and we take off tomorrow. YES!

I am officially a colorado Bud Tender for High Country Healing; one of the highest elevation cabanas club in the world.