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l'arte d' arrangiarsi

Wrote my first blog for cultivating spirits, started off with the topic ” Insiders exclusive: Cannabis Experiences 101” Pretty excited to be exercising my vocabulary… still a bit rusty. I am feeling really good about dabbling in some business blogging though. I always had this vision of my self in a flat somewhere doing creative writing for a rad company, drinking way too much coffee, wearing some swanky cool outfit…

I am currently in a little coffee shop thats backed up against a beautiful  stream in the high Rockies of Colorado… I am  waiting for the owner of CS so he can teach me a bit about blogging on wordpress, It seems to be fairly user friendly but I do need a little guidance. I would really like to be able to just blog and post but  currently I have to go through phil, which is what we are trying to break away from so he doesn’t have to worry about that aspect of the company. It is just a tiny part of what hes doing but I am thankful to be a part of it.

OK.. To be honest..I feel like im not smart enough to be doing it… I have not told him I am a novice writer, barley know anything about cannabis or can barley spell but…. fake it till you make it. Phil was really happy with my first piece so we will just keep my insecurities hush hush. For some reason he thinks I know so much about pot… hahaha Making it up as I go along. Lots of research, lots of first drafts, lots of work:) I love it. I cant wait until one day I can think to my self, ” damn, my writing is so edgy, so informational and so professional!”I have a feeling its like making art, you can always do better, strech farther be more creative.. its a never ending cycle of striving for perfection. I know from experience that art is never going to be perfect though so im just going to go with the flow and keep cool like a lime.