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l'arte d' arrangiarsi

how I miss getting drunk on you. Writing about parts of my life nobody should know, deleting it in the morning and then regretting that I didn’t save it for my journal….I wish there was an “im drunk” button on Tumblr and it saved your crap for 12 hours before posting it.

I have trained my self not to drunk blog though sooooo its cool.




Jus wach.

It’s hot as balls, not impressed with your reaction to a bucket of ice water dumped on your head. Like it was painful or something ? Like you weren’t sweating like a hog and need a lil col down ? I need no motivation to do that at any given moment while my physical body painfully endures the Arizona desert Summer.

I am sitting eating my lunch outside enjoying the fresh air and some lad stands right by me and lights up a cigarette..? I’m sorry but you fucking smell and are making me nauseous so I get up and walk 50 feet away from him so I can actually enjoy the air. He comes and strikes up convo… NO. I straight up told him I hate cigs and he was making me ill and he needed to smoke far far away from me.

If you light a cig next to me please just slap your self in the face and punch your dick really fucking hard. Because I’m beating you to a pulp in my mind.

Ok now I have to say something positive…. I’m so excited for Sean birthday! I got him a bong, wiz concert tix and some cookies by Berner weed jars and rolling tray. Oh and some rad weed socks. Not really my style but he is gonna love it!

I wish I could sway with you darling. Again and again. Again and again. Again and again.