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l'arte d' arrangiarsi

Mom comes in town today… YAY!

but she got the early shuttle and i have been cleaning all day and look like a frightening mess! oh well, i will shower and she will see I have been taking care of my self lol. I am going to take her stand up paddle boarding, visit the weed shop (which she has only done in Amsterdam) , take her on hikes and we can pick flowers to make boutiques, Sean and I are going to to make her BBQ tonight and hang out with the pups, sunset dinner at the marina, Arts alive in breck and so much more!


wahh it was really shocking but shes in a good place now. Thank you my dear:) Love you.

I feel like I have been non stop since I got the HCH job… oh man finally had a few days off but literally cleaned the whole day yesterday and today I have been running around since 5am doing more chores! Not complaining at all, I really love my life and the way I spend my time. Sean gets off work early today so we will have some time to play outside and enjoy the sun.

If a nigga broke she lazy!